Milan Rašić
a painter

He was born in Donje Stiplje in 1931.
He lives and works in Belgrade.


Muzej naivne i
marginalne umetnosti
u Jagodini

Museum of Naïve and Marginal Art
Jagodina, Serbia

35000 Jagodina
Boška Đuričića 10.
tel/fax: (+381 35) 223 419


A Flud, 1965,
oil-canvas, 48x34cm

Fighting sorrow with beauty

At the very beginning of his creative work, in the middle of the 60s, Milan Rasic brought completely new values into the currents of naive art and amateurism and he created a completely new picture which was not the imitation of something already seen nor a forced sensibility, but deep love for the man and nature...
Rasic's ability to bring matter into life and to personify nature, as well as some spiritual urge which brings us to the real and complete optimism, made people from the "Philips" company buy his painting My fields and use it for the illustration of Beethoven's Seventh symphony. The rhythm which springs from memory and imagination, the freshness, diversity and music of the naive artist's expression were worthy of the powerful orchestrations of the famous composer. The record was released in Amsterdam in 1967 and the number of copies was 100.000 …
 • • •

About himself

Sorrow doesn't actually exist. It has been created by people. That's the human burden which is created artificially and which makes people wander. However, they reach happiness in the end. On the other hand, nature is beautiful and it gives happiness. I paint in order to repay nature, in order to free my soul and in order not to feel lonely.
• • •


Pomoravlje, 1984,
oil-canvas, 45x35cm



He has had one-man shows in
Ćuprija, Paraćin, Jagodina, Kragujevac, Belgrade, Zagreb, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Munich, Düsseldorf, Zurich, Hamburg, Frankfurt N/M, Geneva, Dubrovnik ...


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Return from the work, 1973,
oil-canvas, 45x35cm

Spring, 1986,
oil-canvas, 55x45cm

Ball under the oak tree, 1965.
oil-canvas, 48x34cm
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